Ready To Sell Or Trade-In Your Vehicle?

January 7th, 2022 by

Super Car Guys is proud to be a participating dealer for Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Offer. In just a few minutes find out how much your vehicle is worth and get cash or trade-in credit! Best part is the offer is good for 7 days. We want to make sure you are confident in your decision and give you the time you need. Curious how the process works? Keep reading to find out how fast and easy it is to sell or trade-in your car.

Tell Us About Your Car
Answer a few simple questions to get the process started. We’ll ask for your car’s make, model, year, current condition, mileage, any special features, etc. Be honest! The more accurate you are in your description, the less likely your offer will change at inspection.

Get The Instant Cash Offer
Based on the information you provided about your car and its condition, you will get an instant offer that is redeemable at Super Car Guys. The offer is good for 7 days! This gives you plenty of time to decide whether to sell your vehicle to us. Customer service comes before everything else and we want to make sure you are confident in your decision.

Bring Your Car To Super Car Guys
Like what you see? Bring in your car and offer! Our team will inspect your vehicle and verify the offer using the same questions you answered at home. To help make the process fun and easy please bring the following information with you:
• Your Instant Cash Offer certificate
• Your vehicle title. If your vehicle is still financed, bring your lienholder information.
• Your vehicle registration
• A valid driver’s license or other government photo ID
• All keys, keyless remotes, and manuals
• Service and repair records

Get Cash or Trade-In Credit?
Now the choice if yours…walk away with cash in your pocket or use the trade-in amount as a down payment on a newer, nice car? The offer is the same whether you sell or trade-in. While trading in your current vehicle can reduce the amount you need to put down or even lower your monthly payment, you are under no obligation to trade it in. You can walk away with a check in hand!

Super Car Guys is centrally located in the midwest in Wichita, Kansas. Visit any of our 3 Wichita locations, conveniently located on the East, West, and South part of town. Our friendly and knowledgeable non-commissioned sales department is ready to help you and we work as a team. Feel free to browse our huge used car inventory and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. We are ALL here to serve YOU!

Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Back Tool, Trade in or sell your car

Get a Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Ofer today! Sell or trade-in your vehicle to Super Car Guys in Wichita, Kansas.


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